Saturday, December 12, 2015

My Son, Justin

From our son's childhood friend and fellow football star to a part of our family,
Justin said today that he feels like a superhero in his daughter's eyes. 
Believe me Justin, it is not just her eyes that sees a superhero.

This brave young man has cleared numerous hurdles in his life.
Here he is in his late twenties 
stepping up as a man who puts a 20 pound girl
above all else.
I couldn't be more proud that you chose Ron and I to be her godparents.

He lost a brother just as much as our other kids did when our Ryan died.
He felt guilt that his pain was too much for him to attend Ryan's goodbye party.
The private visit we shared was more precious and meant everything.
Justin also shared his heart for Ry in the most perfect song.
So talented to be able to express the loss we were all feeling so clearly.

Justin never fails to stop by on Christmas to see us.
That makes sense since he IS our family.
God blesses us with children in so many ways.
Some our born,
some our borrowed,
some our chosen,
some are found.

There is no blood ties between Justin and the Barbers.
The reality is there is no blood ties between any of the Barbers 
we raise in this life.
Blood ties are not the standard we use in this home.
Heart ties are the ties we share.

I am humbled this incredible man calls me Mom and allows 
his daughter to call me Noni.
We are family.
From Pop Warner football for
a lifetime.

In Him,

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  1. What a sweet and strong relationship you all have.