Friday, January 29, 2016


Decades ago when Ron and I were just beginning our adoption journey, the social worker asked us both what qualities the other had to be a good parent. Verbal me went on and on about how wonderful Ron was and all that would make any kiddo fortunate to have him as a dad. Ron responded with one word. Patient. He said my patience would make me a great mom. I was so unhappy that he didn't share all my incredible qualities with her.

Patience has been something that I am grateful for and wish I had more of over the past few decades. Raising kids takes patience first. Even as they leave our homes and embrace their own adult lives we need patience. Patience to adjust to our new life with just the two of us.

Yesterday, Ron and I went to a retirement seminar for me. He retired in June. Our lives are changing in the next year or so as each of us looks for new adventures beyond our careers. Patience will be key to our changing  circumstances. This week Ron has been putting out resumes to work part time. What a reflection it was to read his resume that showed his life's accomplishments. I have been looking at where my next challenge will be also. We will both need patience to balance our lives moving forward.

I pray I will have the patience that Ron believed I possessed so long ago as life continues to keep us moving forward. Gathering our family took an overwhelming amount of patience but how worth it to be gifted with our four fabulous children. Teaching special education for decades has had its moments of patience and the moments I needed to dig deep for it. Our next steps are uncertain at this point. It feels like the adventure of seeking jobs right out of college. Will we stay in our home, travel, take jobs on a beach somewhere? The sky is the limit! Now for the patience to make our decisions together and hear each others voices.

In Him,

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