Thursday, January 28, 2016

I Get To Spend My Days With These Middle Schoolers

I had so much fun with this in my class yesterday. It was a learning opportunity on so many levels. Only one of my students had watched the Twilight Zone, even my IAs didn't get the milligram. Of course, I retyped the ?s without the answers and changed *7 to diet drinks not beer. Our conversations were rich as they referenced the math and science terms. What bright, beautiful students I teach. I love how brilliant and literal my kiddos with Autism are. They are a gift to me and to others. Each of them was willing to bring their knowledge to this assignment and share and learn with each other.

Those are the moments I will miss as God leads me into my next adventure after retirement. I may need to create a chart of how many days we have left as the end of the year quickly approaches. Not to count down how many more days I have to teach but to treasure each day I get to be with my incredible middle schoolers.

In Him,

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