Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Arizona Heart-filled Beauty

There is beauty even among thorns. 
I grew up in the heat of the Arizona dessert.
Grateful for the warmth of the sun outdoors
and the chill of the refrigeration indoors.

Arizona has the most incredible sunsets,
best thunderstorms, and longest swim season.
Others believe that we are only heat and dessert 
but there is so much more to Arizona than that.

My family spent summers in Oak Creek Canyon 
near Sedona.
I went to high school and college in Flagstaff
 where the snow flies most winters.

Of course, Arizona is known for its extreme heat
but remember it is a dry heat.
Guess that makes it bearable.

I miss the wide-open spaces and billowy clouds.
These days I am fortunate to reside in Arizona's 
next door neighbor, New Mexico.
Equally as charming.

In Him,

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