Saturday, February 20, 2016

Our First Son, For A Moment, Turns 32

32 years ago yesterday......

Ron and I were gifted with our first son, Logan. We were fortunate to get to love him and know him for two months. Then our world fell apart. His birth mother came and told us she had a hole in her heart and needed to take him home. Imagine our confusion. To us Logan was home. This felt like the worst pain, too unbearable to endure. We spent years with the heartbreak of infertility and believed with our whole hearts that our son, Logan, was our future.

Our loss occurred right before Easter. We quickly went to the travel agent to get away~fast and far from the empty crib in his room and empty carseat in our car. I didn't even have the heart to empty the diaper pail.

God found us Cameron a few months later. He wouldn't be our son if we hadn't gone through the loss of Logan. The family wanted our attorney to find Cam a family. He chose us since we lost Logan. So you see Logan and his family gifted us with Cameron our forever son in their own way.

Logan just turned 32 years old. He is still in my thoughts all these years later. Not only do we have Cameron directly as a result of letting Logan go but we have a better understanding of the love and selflessness of our birth moms. We can relate to their hearts for the child they didn't raise. It is not for lack of love but the heart of incredible love that birth families choose adoption. I know not a birthday goes by without a smile and prayer for the child that is loved not by one family but two.

Happy birthday Logan. You are now Austin Fitzgerald Love just as you were meant to be. I am so grateful for the time we got to spend with you. You played a valuable role in helping our family grow and teaching Ron and I how to be parents.

In Him,


  1. What a beautiful story, and I am so glad you see the path that led from Logan to Cameron being in your life, and how you love both guys. What a heart breaking day that was when Logan was taken back, but it led to your Cameron. Wow.

  2. What a bittersweet but beautiful story! Thank you for sharing!