Monday, February 8, 2016

Grab On and Go, But Grab On To What?

Joy Jobs

I have been looking at countless next steps as my decision to retire or not to retire comes closer and closer. Our district asks us to let them know by March if we are retiring. I have given myself until March to pray about this decision and really explore what I will do next. It feels a bit like being a kid in a candy store to consider the possibilities. Now to have the courage and persistence to find the right fit and reach out and grab it. 

Mike Katko, my former principal, told us about teaching opportunities at International Schools all around the globe. That sounds exciting and terrifying. Lately, I have had a hard time getting myself to socialize and leave the house. Could I really bring myself to live foreign for a couple years? God knows! I am researching the possibility through Even the name fits. The more I look into teaching abroad the more I am comforted that I could do this. 

There are also endless possibilities right here in New Mexico. Maybe a job working with corrections, cyfd, or online schooling are in my future. I like the visual of being a leaf in a stream and letting the water take me where it will. But this time, it seems I have to reach out and grab what is next. Will I know it when it is the right opportunity? Perhaps! Or perhaps with prayer and conversation Ron and I will both have an ah~ha moment and know. Until then I am spending my spare time researching all the possibilities that are available. My gut says I need to make a commitment for two years to whatever is my right fit. A two year journey, I can do this.

In Him,

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