Monday, February 15, 2016

Smiles From Prom to Silver

Senior Prom 1974
Our first picture looking at each other.
We are laughing because the photographer told us to look at him.
I convinced Ron that it was our picture not the photographers.
We were laughing because we were disobeying and adult.

So began a lifetime of choosing to look at each other over the photographer's wishes.

Even after all these years, Ron still tries to get me to comply.

Even 42 years later it still makes us giggle and that has created the best smiles, the best photos.
Our picture in the church directory is with us smiling at each other.
Natalie was there and insisted we take it that way.
I am so glad she did!

Yesterday, for Valentine's Day Ron gave me a heart ring that looks like us.
Now he will forever have to mind me in silver.

In Him,

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