Monday, February 29, 2016

Ryan's 30th, Still a Celebration

1 Corinthians 16:14 (NIV)

Do everything in love.

The love you show me is everything. I get through the storms of life by the love of others. This morning I had a sad dream and woke up wondering how I was going to make it through this week of Ryan's birthday. As I sat down with coffee to check Facebook your love just poured off the page and filled my heart. 
Grace and Monique found heart rocks on their beach walk and thought of me. Grace is including me in her family from far away. Monigue wondered which one I would like best. That is easy~ her heart for others. Her heart for me.

Jill posted a colorful picture of balloons. She captioned it , 'You are on my mind, and in my heart! PEACE.' Again I am moved by my sweet friend's embrace. 

This is the first year Ron will be out of town on Ry's birthday. Others have stepped up to hold me and launch balloons with me at Overlook where Ryan used to ride his bike as a little guy.

Our balloons may not soar all the way to heaven, but our love will. Ryan will be missed this year just as he was celebrated for his 24 birthdays with us. I am so grateful to those who hug me from near and far. You are God's angels here on earth.

In Him,

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