Thursday, March 10, 2016

Double Digit Birthday and Two Hearts Half a Century Apart But Oh So Connected

Kenzie will soon be double digit.
10 years old.
I will soon be half a century plus 10.
60 years old.
The obvious math says that my incredible grand girl and I are 
almost exactly half a century apart in age.

I remember when her dad turned double digit a couple decades ago.
He asked me when he would be triple digit.
I chuckled but then a couple years later he was weighing in for football
and just like that he was triple digit. 
Okay, I get that weight and age are not the same but I will take it. 
The chances of me being here to see him actually 
celebrate his triple digit birthday are slim.

Kenzie double digits. Wow!
Time goes by so fast.
This young lady is not only beautiful and adventurous,
but loves the Lord and is one of the most thoughtful people I know.
She is a hard worker, avid reader and is quick to help out wherever she is needed.
Her love for Duck Dynasty and American Girls makes perfect sense.
She relates to the stories of young girls in history that AG books tell, 
while she longs to live off the land as the Robertson family in Louisiana.

My grand girl and I have a lot to look forward to in the coming years. 
One thing I know for sure is that sharing life with her 
from half a century apart is one of my most precious gifts.
Her life is not always easy with some medical issues that she approaches with courage and grace.
The way she lives her life teaches this Noni a lot.
Her example will guide me as I begin to get those aches and pains that my 60s may bring.
Rather than whining and complaining I will try to face them with a prayer and a smile
like my Kenzie does. 

Kenzie's life at 10 years old  will continue to be filled with soccer games, friends, 
family, reading and doing for others.
 Her enthusiasm for life just keeps growing along with her shoe size.

At 60 years old, my life is unfolding with new adventures of my own. 
There are only 50 more days of my life in a classroom left.
Retirement is looming. 
I know God has a plan for my next steps but I am not clear yet what they will be.
What I do know is there will be more time to spend in the Northwest 
spending time with this double digit young lady that holds my heart.

In Him,

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