Saturday, April 23, 2016

A Baby, Weenie, Fake, or Just Plain Sick

I don't like being sick.
I hate going to the doctor when I am sick.
Today I will go to the doctor.
I should have gone yesterday 
but I always convince myself 
that the doctor will think I am just being a baby.

Since Wednesday, I have had fever, chills 
and now a deep chest cough.
It is time to go get antibiotics.

I know my mom was sympathetic when I was sick.
So why do I always convince myself that people will 
think I am a weenie and faking it?
It doesn't even make sense.

I keep hoping I will wake up and not be achy all over.
Urgent Care here I come. 
Praying for a new me tomorrow.

In Him,

1 comment:

  1. Why do we moms feel that way? I feel that way many times when, as a nurse, I know that is not true. Hang in there Joyful. Take care of yourself. All kinds of viruses going around now.