Sunday, May 8, 2016

Treasuring Mother's Day and Family

Seasons change, life moves forward and we all embrace our new circumstances with the wonderful memories of our past. I remember this picture of our family in Olympic National Park from so many years ago. I loved the years our four children lived at home and we would travel the country in our yellow camper van having adventures while seeing God's glorious masterpieces. Too soon kids grow up and begin to build their own lives. We smile and remember the good times and embrace the times we still are able to get together. 

The joy in growing older and living in a home that once was full of children is that our children are making their own paths and memories in life. Life is not always easy and we must live with our heartaches but the love of family far outweighs the bumps along the road.

I didn't get to be a mom the traditional way. Loving birth moms blessed me with the gift of motherhood. God had the perfect family waiting for me I just had to go out and find it. 
I thank God for our birth moms and their help in growing my family and my heart. 

Today on this Mother's Day I won't get to wrap my arms around my children but they are forever in my heart. Ron and I will spend the day together hopefully getting out some pictures of Mother's Days from the past. 

My blessings of children, grandchildren are celebrated today. 

I already chatted with my mom this morning. It is such a gift that I still have my mom in my life. Too many are remembering their mom's who are in Heaven. Treasuring every moment with my mom is how I will honor her and those who can't pick up the phone to hear their mom's voices.

Happy Mother's Day 
to each of you.

In Him,

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