Monday, June 20, 2016

Orientations, Next Steps and Oppotunities

Feeling rested and grateful after our connections in Peru. What a life-changing experience to meet such warm, loving people. It occurs to me to be grateful for the little things in the US that I take for granted. Simple things that usually go unnoticed with our hectic schedules. It was such a gift to connect with people who love Christ and are spending their lives reaching out to others with His love.

Last year, Ron went to Peru a week after he retired and this year we went together a week after I retired. I highly recommend having a trip or some adventure planned at the start to such a transition in life. Leaving teaching was difficult. My hope is to find my next step in life before school starts in the fall. But having this trip and these children and women to focus on made leaving school a little less emotional.

Now to start the summer with Father's Day, my Mom's birthday and hopefully bringing Lissa to New Mexico. Back in NM we have decisions to make on remodeling our home while I begin my job search. God has the perfect place for me to land to be a part of families lives. It is up to me to knock on the right door to find that place.  I am definitely looking forward to the next opportunities in my retired life.  My niece, Amber, is at orientation for NAU today beginning her journey where I went to orientation at NAU 42 years ago. She and I are both embarking on new adventures this year. Amber however is not sporting the cool gray hair her favorite aunt is.

In Him,

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