Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Our Blessings in Peru

What a powerful experience to be in a foreign country walking the neighborhoods knocking on doors, calling out to people inviting them to come worship and do crafts with us. Seeing their dirt floors, meager living conditions was heart touching. Their brilliant smiles and eyes lit up when we spoke and after that brief outreach~they came. Yesterday, over 200 came. When they entered the church their faces showed recognition of us from before at their homes. Jesus says-Come as you are. They did and they were beautiful! Soon this meager church was filled with sounds of excitement and His music. 

Each of them brought forth their young children with pride in their eyes and held them out for us to embrace. The crafts here were a huge hit as the mothers crowded in to participate with their children and to receive one for themselves as well. Even a simple baggie of a few crayons was coveted in this place. After the celebration and activities we sent the little ones out of the sanctuary for more fun and focused on the parents and grandparents. The Pastor called the team from the United States to come and gave us each a small bottle of oil. Next he invited the Peruvians to come forward to share their prayer requests for healing. With trust in their eyes they moved forward. It was impossible for most of us to understand their rapid words in Spanish but perfectly understandable were their faces of heartache and hope. Our prayers in English had the same affect on them. They didn't get our words but received our hearts and hopes for their circumstances. What a treasure these faithful people are. What a gift to us to be allowed to be here with each of them. We are beyond grateful to our Father for this incredible experience.

In Him,

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