Thursday, May 26, 2016

Last Day of This Chapter, First Day of the Next Chapter

Today is my last day as an employee of the Los Alamos Public Schools. When we moved to this little New Mexico town I had no idea the impact her people would have on my life. Ron and I have been fortunate to be a part of this community as parents, volunteers in scouts, sports, schools, Young Life, and church. As our kids grew I joined the schools as a special Ed teacher. What a gift it has been to be allowed into the hearts and lives of families over the past few decades. First as a tutor and then for 16 years as an educator and student advocate for our schools.

My heart is not done with reaching out to kiddos who struggle and their families but my days in the classroom are over for now. I spent the past year praying about my decision to retire. God made it clear on leap day, February 29th, a day before my heart said I would know that I was letting go from this love of my life and believing the next step is going to be just as important and fulfilling as the last. PUSH~Pray Until Something Happens. I love that saying and used it in this decision and am believing it for my next steps.

Though I have had times of doubt about my decision, I am confident that it is the right one. I want to walk away when I adore what I am doing rather than staying until I can't wait to run out the door for the last time. Having a Peru mission trip to plan for and look forward to has been a great distraction from my grief of leaving my classroom, students and work family. I am thrilled that our vibrant daughter, Natalie, and my talented sister-in-love, Debbie, are going with us on this journey. We are taking supplies for 800-1000 kids and a project to reach out to women. It is going to be exhaustingly satisfying to touch so many lives with Jesus' love.

When I get home I will knock on the list of doors that I know might hold the key to my next job, career, calling. A few nights ago, God put it on my heart that if I pray unceasingly that I will have a direction before school starts in the fall. It is going to be difficult to know others are starting school and someone is even teaching in MY classroom to My kids. But it will be so much easier if I know where I am landing. Please join me in my prayer that I knock on the right door to find where I am to be serving the next few years. I feel strongly that it will somehow include supporting families with kids on the Autism spectrum or those with behavior/emotional needs. My thought is that I will move from partnering with parents in the classroom to somehow partnering with them in the home. How that happens is yet to be determined. That is where faith and prayer and a whole lot of pursuing comes in. I am faithful and in prayer. Trust that I will keep you all informed on how my next chapter unfolds.

In Him,
Last day as LAPS employee

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  1. How wonderful you are embracing retirement boldly. I love being retired and can now say yes to different things. Your Peru mission trip is a nice kick off for your future.