Tuesday, July 5, 2016

As Life Unfolds

The famous, too often shared line that
"God will not give you more than you can handle."
Is typically followed by~
"Boy, God must think you are incredibly strong.
Just look at your life and what you have lived through."
   My heart just doesn't buy it.
Life unfolds. 
God is there to walk beside us through as it unfolds.

One of the most difficult times in my life was when 
our first son, Logan's birthmother called us and said she made a mistake.
She went on to say there was a hole in her heart and she needed to undo our adoption.
We could have fought her legally.
But adoption should be a win-win.
Families are formed by love not broken hearts.
We didn't fight.
In fact, we walked beside her as she put her family back together.
Were there tears?
Buckets of tears.
Hugs, tears, prayers, comforting, and eventually healing.

Logan is now Austin and celebrated his 32nd year of life last February.
He went on to be a big brother to 2 younger brothers.
We found our forever kids first when Cameron came into our lives 5 months after saying goodbye to Logan. Within 27 months we had 3 sons and added Natalie 3 years later. 
Life unfolds.
God is there to walk beside us through the joys and the heartbreaks. 
Our family was formed through love and faith.
The incredible love of birthmoms, who loved enough to let go 
not for themselvesbut for the love of their children.
The faith that God is here with us each and every step of our days.
Our comfort comes when we lean into Him and those he places in our lives
no matter our circumstances.
Some say God is a crutch.
I don't just lean on Him.
He is my stretcher.
I lay my life on Him.

In Him,

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