Monday, July 4, 2016

Drenched, Immersed, Lifted Up to Sparkle

"Imagine a cup in a bucket of water. 
The cup is not only filled with water, it is surrounded by water."
James P. Gill~Imaginations

That is God's love. Our lives totally immersed in His love is a gift that is always there. At times, we don't reach out and embrace Him but He is always with us. I love this image and the thought that Jesus is only a whisper away. Imagine the comfort of this personal relationship. When you pick up the phone to the worst news or wake up from a bad dream, without picking your head up off the pillow He hears your heart. 

The feeling of being drenched in His love is such a gift. I love when I walk out of New Beginnings after fabulous worship that shakes the walls of our church. But the quiet, intimate moments when my Father assures me that however hard life is He will walk beside me each and every step. 

In life we have those we share everything with and those who know even our most embarrassing moments. Susi comes to mind and the fact that she would never share my garlic fiasco or our less than flattering bets with another living soul. These trusted friends are what makes life livable. It was such a loss to lose my childhood friend, Dayna Brown, at 29 years old. It seemed part of my childhood left with her. There were so many memories that only she and I shared. Would anyone else get it when I pulled down my eyelid and yelled, "Turguoise!" Of course not. It really never even made sense when we did it. Trust me we yelled it often. 

I once read that our relationships are like the faces of a diamond and the special people in our lives each polish a different face. This means that each one touches a different part of who we are. Some are the ones you act ridiculous with and others are the ones you can be quiet with. It is wonderful that we have those that polish each part of who we are. The thing about Jesus is He touches every face of our diamond life. Never does He use an abrasive touch but gently immerses us in His love to raise us up to sparkle.

In Him,

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