Sunday, July 17, 2016

Backyard Camping Barber Style

Our hope was to take our grandkids in Washington camping while we visit this week. With schedules and activities it looks like the camping we will be doing will be contained to their backyard. Ron and I pulled our tent trailer up for the kids to use to go camping and as a spare room for their frequent visitors. Last night we spent the night with 4 of our 5 grand kiddo's in the camper. What fun! Although we hoped to be in Olympic National Park with the beautiful views, the real joy was the laughter and love inside those canvas walls.

Even our little Timmy, who first was unsure, came out and slept. All 6 of us giggled and chatted a bit past lights out and made memories 30 yards from indoor plumbing. I call that a colossal Noni and Papa win! It proves once more that it is more about who you are with than where you are.

I am so looking forward to retirement when we can come up for extended trips to watch soccer games, school plays, and just spend time with each of these brilliants. Now we have our sleeping quarters so we won't be kicking anyone out of their room. Heck, I even have a power cord and water so I can get up at my normal 5am to drink coffee, Bible Study, and blog without disturbing the family.  I always told Ron's parents they should take their travel trailer up to spend a few months with their WA kids and grandkids. Now it is time for me to take my own advice with our kids. Short visits are terrific but being here for a longer while will be even better. So glad we pulled our little mother-in-law quarters behind us. Hopefully, they will enjoy camping in it even when we are not here and perhaps out of the backyard.

In Him,

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