Thursday, July 7, 2016

Courage, Strength, Faith, and a Smile

And off we go!
3 days of driving ahead from the southern most US to the northern most.
Santa Fe to Seattle.
The generous Miss Dallas will tend to our home, water our plants.
Pat will once again host our Kylie dog.
What a gift to have friends that have become family.

The timing of our trip is to be in Washington
for our sister-in-love's surgery on Monday.
Cindy is one of the bravest I know.
~2 and a half years ago she had a most extensive surgery 
for ovarian cancer.
The treatment and recovery took a painful year of her life
to get through.
~Last January she had surgery
on a benign brain tumor
that took her hearing in one ear and
had the potential to take her sight in one eye as well.
A painful recover followed.
~Monday she will have a double mastectomy
since she has the BRAC gene and 
will be at high risk if she doesn't.

Cindy has been through it the past few years.
She is so brave.
Cindy herself would ask you
What choice does she have.
Of course she has been brave,
And angry
And terrified
And frustrated
And in pain
And so many other emotions all rolled into one.

I see how brave she is.
Not all who face even one of the challenges she has faced
handle it with the courage she has.
Some turn to unhealthy fixes.
Some lose the life they are afraid of losing
because of those choices.

Cindy has continued to live life with her family and friends
even when she wasn't feeling 100% or even 20%.
Facebook has been filled with smiling pictures
of her camping with her family~
with and without hair!
After each new surgery or health challenge,
she couldn't wait to get back to her students at 
the elementary school where she loves on kids.

Positive Attitude
and her never ending smile
Are her gifts to us.

and her faith
are the gifts 
that allow her to face each 
new hurdle.

Her husband Paul and her two girls,
Brianna and Amber
are her motivation to get
back to life again and again.
They are her strength, her heart, and her loves.

Please be with us in prayer for Cindy 
as she takes one more step toward health and a cancer-free life
on Monday.

In Him,

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