Sunday, August 7, 2016

Early Morning Mom Time

Not a lot of blogging lately for a marvelous reason. Mom is here! Mom and I both tend to get up early and when she is here we sit for a chat. She has her daily cup of cocoa while I savor my couple cups of coffee. I am so blessed to have my mom here and in my life. Her visits are a gift I cherish. Just the two of us sitting on the couch in the early morning is my favorite.

Yesterday, Ron, Mom and I drove up into the Jemez near our house. We saw an abundance of wildlife, gathered obsidian, and enjoyed the incredible scenery. Mom has a bag full of obsidian to add to her rock garden when she gets home and we got cherished pictures and videos of a treasured day together. It was a wonderful day together.

As the years pass, I find myself being more aware of the possibility of lasts in my life. Every summer I get to go for a road trip with Lissa, Mom or Ron. The past couple years I was more aware that these won't continue forever. Lissa is getting older and will be more involved in life at home and not able to come along with us. Mom is 82 and will one day soon say no thank you when I ask her to get herself in my car. Ron and I have each other but so many of our friends have lost the love of their life to one disease or another. I need to focus on embracing each memory rather than worrying if this is the last.

So the next couple of weeks I will sip my coffee and enjoy my mom. Her cocoa and my coffee combining to make a pleasant aroma in the early morning hours. Ron may have to take a few 'bedhead' photos of her under the blanket with a warm bathrobe and me content with bare legs and arms. We are similar in some ways and so different in others. Hope we never accidentally pick up each other's cup. There would surely be some spewing of hot liquid in the room.

In Him,

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