Saturday, August 6, 2016

Spit Shined And Ready

August is a weird time of year. It is one of the hottest months but instead of grabbing swimsuits and sunscreen we all run around gathering school supplies and the perfect first day of school outfit. The shift from free time summer lounging to get up and go school year begins in the minds and dreams of parents and students alike. Even teachers and school staff begin planning and anticipating the new year's adventures. What friends will be in my class and who will my teacher be are so important to a child's life. The next year will be spent in the community they call a classroom. Personalities, teaching styles and even discipline create the environment these students will spend the bulk of their time in for the next nine months.

It is so touching to see all the first day of school pictures on Facebook. Kids all decked out, backpacks full of school supplies (don't forget the Kleenex), and some even carrying flowers for their teachers. First impressions are occurring as they slip into their assigned seats and look around to see which other kids will become cherished friends. Teachers know that the first few days set the tone for the year so they choose their words carefully to convey firm rules paired with kind hearts.

This year we are in an election cycle and there is usually the recurring charge that teacher's unions are only out for teachers and that American education falls short on so many levels. It can't be denied that there are good and bad teachers just like there is an array of talents in any position. But the truth is in these first days of August as we pull out our planning books and look to the new school year, teachers are hopeful. Hopeful that they can touch hearts and lift students along with the academic curriculum they will present.

This is my first year on the sidelines in almost 40 years. Some of those years were waiting at the bus stop to greet my students and many were as.a mom wrapping tin foil around the stems of freshly picked flowers for my own kids to present to their teachers. This year my teaching supplies are in our storage shed and my children will be picking flowers for their young ones to take to school.

I smile to myself as I think of all the students and teachers who will spiff themselves up for their first day of school. What a wonderful season of fresh starts. My memories flood my heart. God has a new plan for me this August but I am so blessed by all the school starts I have enjoyed.

In Him,

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