Friday, August 5, 2016

My List For Creating New Memories

Dayna Brown would be 60 today.
She died too young at just after her 29th birthday.
With her went all the memories and adventures we shared.

In life there are those who walk beside us for a moment, a season, and those who are with us a lifetime. I realize today that though Dayna left way too early she continues in my thoughts and memories even so many years later. 

I grieve sometimes the friendships that have slipped away but treasure the memories of time spent with each and everyone of the incredible people who have shared my life and my heart. Time or energy keep me from reaching out and rebuilding some of those bonds even though I would love to spend time with those people. How is it that I let my life get so full that I only keep up with people I love through Facebook posts and a like here and there? It is also true that I get in a routine of spending time with a handful of current people or coworkers in my live and neglect those who aren't as nearby.

Perhaps along with my to do list of mundane chores and errands I need a more rewarding list of people I need to sit down and chat with on the phone or over coffee. I admire those who rekindle friendships and relationships along life's path. This summer Ron and I stopped and saw family and friends we haven't seen in a decade. The love and friendship were still there and within moments we were in comfortable conversation full of laughter and memories. Catch up conversations can start on FB but hopefully will blossom into more with valued people in my life. 

The memories of carrying around brick dolls Dayna and I made by drawing faces and wrapping them in hand towels is mine alone now. But the memories of garage parties in Livermore were shared as we stopped to visit friends this summer. Each memory is so important to me. But the relationships with my friends are still there and it is up to me to reach out and embrace them. New memories are waiting to be gathered if I choose to. Guess I will go write my list. Be expecting a call soon.

In Him,

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