Saturday, September 10, 2016

Dad Made Me A Waterbug

Floating, swimming, just being in the water is my calm, happy place. Next week we get to fulfill a lifelong dream of spending time on a houseboat. Lake swimming is by far my favorite. Pools and the ocean are wonderful but the peace of being in a lake is my choice everytime.

Guess it is because I grew up on the lake with my dad. He would take me fishing and hope I would enjoy it. Soon I would be in the water and the chance of catching anything was gone. Dad understood my need to be wet. We have wonderful film of him waterskiing with his head thrown back consumed with joy. Later, when he was on his last days I transferred the old reel to reels onto VHS tapes so he could watch the old movies. My young nephews asked us to turn up the sound. Funny that now VHS tapes are the old school.

Oak Creek was another place I got to spend time in the water. Every year Mom and Grandma Peabody took Teri and I camping by the creek. In 6th grade my parents bought a place on the creek so we had a forever front row seat of the delightful creek sounds. Over the years all the cousins, kids, nephews. nieces and finally grandkids have enjoyed swimming, catching craw dads, and exploring the creek. Each of us has taken our turn digging out rocks to keep the swimming hole clear. Mother Nature has a different idea and redeposits new rocks to be removed. That is part of the fun. Working together to bring the swimming hole back to size.

I am so excited to be on Lake Powel next week. Our friends have jet skis and this will be a new adventure. Mike and Deb and their family will be on another houseboat saying goodbye to Mike's mom, Ina. We will spend time with them and enjoy family.

Mostly next week will be me and my swim noodle relaxing in the water just being there. I will bring my snorkel also so I can gaze down and let even the sounds around me drift away. Some say life is better at the beach. I say life is better in the water.

In Him,

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