Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Totally~Or Not

Wholly, entirely, completely.

Are there things we are totally for or against?

Life healing medications have their side effects.
Candidates we vote for are the best choice not the perfect choice.
Countries make choices to defend and protect~
often at the expense of others rights and well being.
Families don't totally get along or agree even though the love is there.
Even Alexander Graham Bell's invention, the telephone
has evolved into a controversial communication devices.
People can't wait for the warmth of summer 
only to long for chilly nights of fall and pumpkin spice.

Years ago I told a police officer that one thing I knew
was that cigarettes are bad.
My dad and father-in-love both died because of cigarettes.
He wisely informed me that even cancer sticks 
have anti-depressant qualities.

Too often we use Totally 
to describe who we feel about things,
what we believe in.

This election cycle few Americans
are totally 
for either candidate. 
We seem to totally
acknowledge that there is no perfect choice.
So why do we totally 
condemn others with opposing views?

At first, I was livid about 
Colin Kapernick, who I totally liked,
protesting our National Anthem.
I still strongly disagree with his way of expressing his objections.
But the truth is, I do not totally
understand his reasoning.
So who am I to totally condemn his actions?

I better conclude this post before Natalie bans me from this word forever. 
She totally has banned me from ottoman and Malpais
for overuse.

We all are too often totally judgemental 
rather than being totally loving and empathetic.
I totally believe this.
Until someone points out where I am wrong.

Do everything in love.
1 Corinthians 16:14

I totally  aspire to live like this.

In Him,

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