Sunday, September 25, 2016

Dickie Doo and Wrinkles Too

Do we ever outgrow the thrill of getting a sneak peek at the forbidden? If our lake trip is any indicator, we do not. Jeff and Ron spied some naked sun bathers on their houseboat's upper deck. Now trust me, these were not bikini models by any means. But the giggles of seeing what you are not supposed to see kept them glued to the eye piece. Ron even sounded like my Mom giving a narrative of what they were doing, what they were reading, who was going up and down the stairs and who was scratching where. Too funny!

Melissa and I were both more amused by our guys than the thought of seeing a pair of saggy boobs or wrinkled ball sacks. It was sort of adorable how the guys with telescope and binoculars in hand would try to look nonchalant when they thought the sun bathers might have binoculars and be looking back at us. Ironically, Ron and Jeff decided to cook up the link sausages rather than bacon for breakfast this morning. 

The nicknames started to flow from 10 inch Tommy to Dickie Doo. Jeff explained that Dickie Doo was when your belly sticks out farther than your dicky do..... His dad shared that when Jeff was younger. Surely his dad was looking down and smiling at the thought. We would feel bad about invading these people's privacy but the fact is they were on display. We may be peeping tom's but they are certainly inviting our attention. 

So what Bible verse is there to go with this blog? Seek and ye shall find. Guess that works.

In Him,

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