Sunday, September 25, 2016

Oh The Music We Were Raised On.

It occurs to me that we all are raised and then raise our kids on various musics. Last night we were on a houseboat in Lake Powell with friends. They brought their favorite tunes and we brought our old standards. Each family has their music. Usually it is what the parents are drawn to and the little ones get familiar with.

Jimmy Buffet and Harry Belefonte rang out with familiar tunes. So familiar that we could sing the words out. Our kids grew up in the back of our 1975, yellow camper van belting out Margaritaville and Matilda. We threw in a bit of Weird Al Yankovich to keep it normal. One of their favorite Belefonte had the lyric~ Shut your mouth, go away Mama's had a booboo day. It still makes me smile remembering how they loved to tease me about that one. At Paul and Cindy's wedding we have sweet pictures of Katie and Ryan, who were about 5 years old, dancing together to Buffets~Why Don't We Get Drunk and Screw. Appopriate? Probably not. I liked to crank it up.

My parents raised Teri and I on Hee Haw and all the artists that made up that TV show. When my dad put a record on the hifi it was usually Porter Wagner, Buck Owens or Jimmy Dean (Yes, he was a country star before he made breakfast sausage) Some of my fondest memories were of dancing around on Dad's feet listening to the old country classics.

Each of our kids will certainly raise their own families on the music selections they enjoy. Maybe they will include a little of the tunes that we shared when they were young. Who knows maybe Ron and I will learn a few lyrics from their playlist along the way. 

In Him,
Joyful 9-17-16

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