Monday, September 26, 2016


Reflections on the lake. Reflecting of our lives. These seem to go hand in hand out here on Lake Powell. Sitting around our gourmet dinners or sitting around the beach fire seem like the perfect times to share our lives with these special people. There are family and friends who lived our lives with us so know our history first hand. But those who come into our lives midway through just see who we are today but not how we became who we are. 

Spending time reflecting on our past is enlightening. Our lives were greatly impacted by the forming of our family through adoption. That whole process of infertility, joy and loss involved a lot of heartbreak. Having adoptions fall through and babies who were in our arms taken back was painful. Living it was exhausting as well as unsure. Looking back to the distance of those days knowing that our family came together just as it was meant to be brings a comfortable sort of pride. Pride in us as a couple that we kept the faith that we would have a family if we persevered. 

When I was a little girl I used to be sad that I was born on Wednesday. Wednesday's child is full of woe is what they say. My sister was born on Sunday and the saying goes that Sunday's child is full of grace. Reflecting on our journey, our life it is true that my life has been full of woe. More challenge and heartbreak than most. But what I know now that I am on this side of life is that it is okay to have woe or grief in my life. The important thing is not what storms we live through but how we come through those storms. This week of reflection has been such a gift of relaxation and healing

Ron and I have a life that anyone should envy. We have each other, kids and grandkids. Our lives are full of love, family and friends. This child of woe feels blessed to be a Wednesday child who has just the life, just the memories that I was meant to have. This week of reflections has been such a gift of relaxation and healing. Twenty years down our life's road we will have even more to reflect on. There is bound to be more heartbreaks along the way but I am confident Ron and I will come out with our arms and our hearts wrapped around each other.

In Him,

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