Thursday, September 29, 2016

Surrounded By Others Who Love Us

New beginnings, new challenges come into our lives. The closing of one chapter and the opening of another. Often our lives are sectioned by major events, some heartbreaking loss and others joyful additions. The adding of a spouse after a beautiful wedding or the birth of a child held in new parents arms are both those precious additions in life. While the loss of a loved one or the hurt of divorce bring us to our knees. The greatest treasure in life is that we surround ourselves with family and friends during each of these life changing moments. Others who walk beside us, celebrate with us or simply hold us in their arms as the tears flow. Those angels in our lives are surely our greatest gifts everyday and most especially during the great transitions of life.

Robert Frost wrote- 'The best way out is always through' I claim this as one of my life mottos. But what it really should say is the best way out is surrounded by people who love us.  If you counted those 5 people who have walked beside you on one hand? Who would they be? For some of us it would take both hands to count those who have poured into our lives. Who would count you on their hands as someone who has been there for them? Take some time and let those people in your life know that they are your one of your life people. I am sure they already know but boy is it nice to hear the words.

This week one of my people has been walking beside a family through the death of a husband, father, brother. Her heart for them reminds me of how she and others have been there for me as my life unfolds. What a gift we have in each other.

In Him,

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