Thursday, October 27, 2016

Who Is The Socially Awkward One?

So we say some people are socially awkward. They just don't tune in to those little social cues that most of us get. When they are talking too loud, talking too much, or on a subject that others find offensive but they just don't sense other people's discomfort. We feel sorry that they can't self-regulate or read the situation and correct their behavior. It occurs to me that others may think I am socially awkward or God forbid that you are. After all, the thing about not getting it is that you think your behavior is perfectly acceptable even well received. Hmmm. 

Maybe there is a certain comfort in being unaware that others find us annoying. Would we really want to know if that is how we are perceived? I guess we would so we could adjust our behaviors. But the truth is none of us really know what others think of us most of the time. I guess that is why it is good that we just be ourselves and others will spend more time with us if they fit or less if they are annoyed. Hmmm. I wonder why I haven't been invited out more? Just considering this socially awkward idea is making me annoyed and uncomfortable with myself. 

In Him,

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