Sunday, October 23, 2016

Collection Day

Collection Day
Today is the day. 
We all have collections. 
Some of them even become obsessions.
Beanie Babies was mine that went too far.
Collections identify us.
People have a 'go to' for gifting us.
I am thankful that others associate me with hearts.
My heart rock collection brings back fond memories 
of Ryan's giving heart to find incredible heart rocks to share with me.
That has grown into a gift so far reaching.
The joy I get from others sharing hearts in every form imaginable,
is one of my greatest treasures.
Connections through collections.
I love moving through my house seeing all the Madonnas
I have received over the years. 

For some it is owls, Texas anything, birds, stars,
or anything that touches their heart.

What I wouldn't want to be known for, or connected to
is urine.
It would be hard to think of anything more disgusting.
Okay, it's true I can thing of a few.
But today my collection day is urine.
Today is so that perhaps
I can not continue collecting 
kidney stones.
A collection worth collecting.

So wish me luck,
send me a heart
and a prayer.

Today is collection day,
stay in pajamas day,
wash my hands often day.
Too much information day.

Today is a grateful day.
A day I am so grateful for all of you
for reading my words,
sharing my life,
encouraging me through 
the laughter, tears, rants, and now
even the pee.
I am gifted with the collection
of you who read and share my life with me.

In Him,

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