Sunday, November 13, 2016

For These And So Much More~I Am Grateful

I have not posted thankful days. But I am thankful Ronnie B. is enjoying an adventure of a lifetime. I am enjoying Marco Polo with Cam and Britt and their kiddos. Natalie is moving forward in life and chasing her purpose and dreams. I connected with Tanner in a wonderful, lengthy conversation last night. Bethany loves my son. Dorothy celebrated her 30th birthday with her incredible family. God has given me a family through my years at Los Alamos schools and Young Life. My new path with Las Cumbres touching the lives of families with wee ones. Work families that support and nurture each other. The love and support of my mom and sister. Phone calls over coffee early in the morning. The generous hearts of each of you who share hearts in every form and your hearts with me.
Faith that I never have to face the heartaches or gifts of life alone. Friends that are my family and have just come into my life and those of you who have shared my path for a lifetime. Kylie dog who stays beside me while I blog and share my stories. Los Alamos for being my home and my family. Living on a park where happy noises of children, teens and families waft into my home and fill it with life and joy. Jesus who is always just a whisper away. Ronnie B. my best friend and hubby. Water to swim in, to float in, to pour into my soul. Lissa for her adventurous spirit and heart. Kenzie for her drive and empathy. Kayla for her dancing, style and kindness. Timmy for his adorable smile and Lego passion.  Amalia for her toothless grin and joy. For God allowing me to be a mom and Noni in a life where adoption was the fulfillment of my heart. For birth moms who generously shared their most precious gifts with me. I am so thankful for my relationships and connection with my nieces and nephews. You all make my smile. I am so thankful for my relationships and connection with my nieces and nephews. You all make me smile.I am grateful.

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