Tuesday, December 20, 2016

To Do List Addition~Find My Phone

Tis the season to multitask. We all have a multitude of things on our 'to do' list. Our minds are chewing on several while we are getting on with one to check off our list. Last week I went to the post office to mail that last present that didn't make it in the box with all the others. It was a time saver to get there ahead of the crowd. So I brilliantly parked right out front, waited for the 8 o'clock open and ran inside to get an envelope to stuff Cameron's gift in. Now I know his address, well all except the zip code. But it is on my faithful iPhone. Oops! I didn't bring my phone in~~~or did I?

When I got back to the car my phone was nowhere to be found. Ugh! I went back inside, talked to my friend at the PO, seacched all through my car (even the trunk). Where the heck did I lose it in the last 10 minutes? Now my mind was raising with how to get along without my phone, how to find my phone, am I losing my mind, and why don't I even know one of my kids phone numbers?

It was a long day. Work, Christmas to do list, and I didn't have time to think about where my phone was. I have a work phone so I called Ron and Jenn and got a few numbers, went to the Verizon store only to discover that you have to turn on the Find My Phone app for it to work.

After a stressful day Ron and I went to my work Christmas dinner. On the way I told him about my phone. "You mailed it to Cameron." Why didn't I think of that? It makes sense. I hope it is what happened. Now I have to wait patiently for my package to make its way to Washington and see if this phone mystery is solved or if I am getting a new phone for Christmas. To be continued.........

Hope you all can get through the next few days leading up to Christ's birthday party without too many unexpected surprises. We all have enough to do without extra drama. Guess the lesson is to slow down and focus on each task as we are checking it off our incredibly long to do lists.

In Him,

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