Sunday, January 22, 2017

Easily Offended, Hopefully Not

If I could add one thing to our lives it would be to live 'unoffended.' Being offended is so divisive. There are times when others do offend us but is it intentional? At times there is intent behind the words or actions. But often, we are offended by misunderstanding the intent of the people around us. I am the most  guilty of this. I strive to be unoffendable but the truth is I am too easily offended and jealous of those in my life.

I wish I was better at expressing my heart and trusting others to explain their intent. My gut says they would be sad to know that I took their words as hurtful. Too often I silently have my own pity party and pull away rather than peeling back the truth. That is on me. I need to continue working to see the hearts of others rather than being so sensitive to what I thought their heart was sharing.

The fact is, I don't want others to feel they have to treat me with kid gloves or be careful of their words around me. But that is exactly the outcome of my getting offended too easily. I took a little Facebook quiz and my word for 2017 came out as hope.  My hope is to be more accepting and secure in my relationships with each of you and to continue working on my unoffended heart. 

In Him,

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