Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Folding Doors and a King Size Bed

Ron and I went to order doors for our upstairs addition. Why is it that working with an archetect didn't make it seem real but ordering doors did? It seems too good to be true that we will have this bedroom upstairs that is just perfect for us. The doors are fold away and open eight feet wide. While we were at Home Depot ordering the doors we Googled how wide a king size bed is. Yep, it is only 76 inches wide so we can roll our bed out on the deck and have indoor/outdoor sleeping. Right now we sleep on the back porch when it is too warm in the summer. We are also looking at platform beds to make sleeping even cooler.

It has been a slow process getting started on this remodel. I haven't had an oven since last September. But I wouldn't trade our pace for the world. Before when we remodeled it was frantic, angry and stressful. This time we are choosing together and taking the time to get it right and enjoy the process. The gift of age helps us have more patience with each other.

I have said whatever Ron wants I am fine with. But at the store yesterday it was clear that I do have opinions about what I want. Ron deferred to me on several options. Guess we really are in this together. It will be a busy Fall at the Barber casa. With the RV we bought we will have a kitchen and a bathroom even when ours in the house are under construction. We will only have to bother B and Jenn across the street for the occasional shower. Ron assures me we will only be without indoor plumbing for about a week. We will see. I am thankful for where we are and how we are looking to our future in this hometown we adore.

In Him,

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