Sunday, July 9, 2017

Through Laughter and Conversation

Joyful noise all around me.

It is here. Our 40th anniversary trip to the beach. 
Family fills this house by the ocean with laughter, conversation and joy.
Everyone is here except T and Bethany. We are hoping they will be coming in today.

I find joy in sitting back listening to the overlapping conversations 
that are occurring throughout this space.
Ron and Nate sharing stories of time working on nuclear weapons and on a submarine.
Hector and Natalie conversing about how they choose and prepare various veggies.
Dorothy and Brittney chatting on the couch. 
Everyone including Mom in their conversations as she sits and lets us know 
Just what is going on at the beach at any given moment.

All of these interactions going on with the background of our five enthusiastic 
Grandkiddos running up and down the stairs 
Having a joyous time just being together as cousins.
Everyone sitting around the large enough, picnic style table 
Playing a rowdy card game called Nerts.
I think Kenzie and Britt were the big winners.

Soon enough we will be looking back at this time together.
But today is still the beginning of our adventures.
Last night was the full moon and we all prepared to go out 
Precisely at 10pm to hand grab grunion in the moonlight of the full moon at high tide.
Ron explained to our disappointed crew that the grunion must have missed the memo.
His research said the kids would be able to pick dozens up with their bare hands.
We teased about having grunion tacos. Yum!

Natalie brought bubble balls that you wear to bounce into each other. 
This has not been an exclusively kid activity. 
Even Mom slipped into an air bubble and pranced around. 
We shared embarrassing videos of Natalie with Nate.
I could tell by his expression that they enjoyed seeing adorable, young Tillie.

This morning we are hoping to get a family picture.
Then Cam and Lis will don wetsuits to brave the Pacific Ocean.
Pastor Cam is baptizing her today.
She has been talking about it for months. 
Our family together at the beach to celebrate this step in her faith walk.
Oh how proud I am that my kids and grandkids have a relationship with Jesus.
It is my biggest blessing.

Coming together with all the love and interaction is the greatest gift
Ron and I could enjoy to celebrate our life together.
God knew just how to build our family and life
Through laughter and tears we live and love.

In Him,


  1. I can read your joy in this. I am so glad that you have your family together and I hope that T makes it there today. I love you. Happy Anniversary to you and Ron. I can't wait to hear all the details when you get back. ❤️

  2. Blessings abound, dear Barbara ! Thank you for sharing this. Keep it coming . I am enjoying this celebration also. Love , Francine