Sunday, July 2, 2017

Love On Our Lips

Wisdom words

When you say something mean or hurtful to someone 
they will remember for a lifetime.
When you tell someone you love them
they need to be reminded daily or even more often than that.
Author unknown

This is so true. I can remember harsh words from decades ago that still sting. Yet I need reassuring with words of love and actions that show me that I am loved and appreciated. Why is that? Why can we believe the negative but find it so hard to believe that we are lovable? Confidence? Perhaps.

No matter the reason we all need reassurance that we matter and are good enough. So rather than spending time analyzing the why, let's just accept it and act accordingly.

Be careful not to pierce others with angry, mean words and be loose with the words that lift others up.   When we encourage each other's, others encourage us. Living with love on our lips is a pretty perfect way to keep love in our hearts.

In Him,

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