Saturday, July 1, 2017

Butt Dial or Just Call Me

What if when we 'butt dial' someone it is because we are meant to speak with them. I swear my phone calls random people when it is nowhere near my butt. Too often I hear the faint, far off voice of my Mom calling me only to look down at my phone and see that she is actually calling my name. 'Barb, Barb are you there?' I apologize of course and we go on to have a wonderful conversation. Perhaps this is divine intervention not a butt dial at all.

Shouldn't it be a lesson for us to reach out and connect with those we love more often. Our hearts want to connect even when our heads say we are too busy with life's tasks to sit down for a chat. Thank goodness for technology that randomly selects who we need to reach out to. It does get a bit embarrassing when my phone chooses to call my doctor at 2:00am. At least his office is closed and it only leaves a message. What is even worse is when it calls my pastor in the middle of the night and he can't figure out that my snoring is not me being attacked by a bear. (Yes there have been bears in our neighborhood and Ron and I sleep outside on the back porch in the summer.)

Wouldn't it be less annoying if we simply called each other intentionally and choose who we speak with and when we speak to them. This would free up our phones to pursue other helpful tasks. The one good thing I can say is my phone has not face timed anyone while I was in the shower. Don't worry. I don't even take my phone in the shower. You are all safe.

Hey, I have one last idea. If there is someone you would like to call but feel awkward perhaps you can blame your phone for randomly calling them. It just might get your relationship back on track.
Lastly, feel free to butt dial or simply call me anytime. I love to hear your voices not just read your texts.

In Him,

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