Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Precious Pismo Moments

Precious Pismo Moments

Ami sitting next to Timmy at the kitchen bar watching him build Legos. She never touched them after he explained that they were special and she could watch and not touch. Ami was content to watch her cousin construct. Later, Britt and Timmy picked out an Easy Build Farm set for Gramma Pat to give Ami. He was as excited for her to have them as she was to get them. Then he patienctly helped her look at the instructions and put each piece in the right spot. Heartwarming moment of two cousins connecting that live so far away.

After a day of boogie boarding, family photos, endless catching up conversations and giant swap meets, the pictures were uploaded to Cam and Britt's laptop for a preview. Oh the expressions that were captured in each shot. It is clear that the Barbers 5 are no longer from the Southwest. Their scrunched up expressions in the sun make it clear that these Pacific Northwesterners are not used to the bright sun in their faces. We got family pictures of all of us, each family, and couple pictures. Even the ones with eyes closed made us smile. This is what together time is about. Moments together and capturing them to "aah'' over later.

Natalie's Nate told Ron, Gramma and me that he is in love with our girl. It was a champagne moment. Hector said it best~ He is the perfect fit and completes our family. Getting to know him in our family chaos at the beach has been the best. We even trespassed together. Oops! Maybe I have said too much. Moments you are glad no one is holding a camera.

We spent the whole day at the beach yesterday. My childhood friend, Diane was here with her family. What a nice treat to share her grandkids with mine. The kids were tireless in the waves. Boogie boarding, body surfing, Papa even got a surf board. Kenzie, Kayla, and Lissa all got up on the board. Papa and Cam are perhaps better instructors than actual surfers. Moments filled with togetherness, sunscreen and a salty taste in our mouths and on our skin.

Everyone is taking turns cooking. It is great to have so many excellent chefs in the house. Each morning Mom and I are the first to wake up. So we clean up a bit and start the coffee. Dorothy and Brittney have kept the laundry going so all of us are gifted with fresh towels. It is incredible with so many of us that everyone just pitches in and keeps our casa by the sea livable. Moments of productivity in paradise.

I love all the layers of conversation that occur throughout this space. People working in the kitchen, others putting together a puzzle at the picnic style table. Heads together over pictures they have captured on their cell phones. Just chatting in our pjs over coffee after a night where we stayed up late and enjoyed sleeping in. Connecting through Facebook, FaceTime and phone calls is wonderful but getting this entire week together to catch up is fabulous. Each of us have full lives apart from each other. Even late night walks are enjoyable when you can walk hand in hand with someone you love on the beach. Moments just chatting are the best.

These moments are getting strung together to weave memories we will each carry with us back to our daily lives in different states. I said i wanted to weave after i retired now all my kids and grandkids are helping me with that. Woven memories of time spent together. We are already planning our next adventure together. Seven years apart is just not enough to bring this family together. Weddings, funerals, and reunions are great but it is also nice to have just together time without a big event. Wait! This is a big event. Thursday Lissa is becoming a teenager and her Uncle Cam, Pastor Cam, is baptizing her in the ocean. What a gift to have this faithful family all together for this sweet girl. Memories wrapped up in a shared faith are a gift.

My heart is full with love for this life Ron and I have lived and the family we have. We have told each other Happy Anniversay more than I can count. Guess we are entitled after forty years of  marriage.

In Him,


  1. So happy for you. It sounds perfect but I know you miss T. I'm so excited for Nat and Nate! She needs to bring him to Lost Almost. Just relish these moments. I love you.

    1. We will see T and hopefully Bethany on Friday.

  2. I think you are having a tiny glimpse of heaven as you enjoy your family here on earth, and then I read there is to be a baptism in the ocean. Now that is perfect.