Thursday, December 15, 2011

Quirky Grandma Peabody

My grandma said ladies came for tea and a woman cleaned up when they left. How classist! Now the one who cleans my house makes as much as I do and more than many of the ladies who come to tea which is now more likely to be margaritas on the back porch.

Funny remembering the quirky things my Grandma taught me. She always said that if I was going to drink coffee it had to be black or she wouldn't serve me. I still can't do all the fancy mochas and lattes. Another thing she said was she drank coffee all day because water rusted her pipes. This is weird because my mother, her daughter, drinks gallons of water each and everyday. Her china cup and saucer collection was wonderful. Part of the whole coffee experience was carefully selecting the perfect cup to drink from. Guess all that coffee drinking was why Gramma needed her shot of whiskey (medicine) each night to help her sleep.

Grandma always had a fish tank so I love having a fish tank now. It is so calming to sit and watch the fish glide through the water. Snails were her solution to keeping the tank clean and feeding the fish. Before she went to bed she would smoosh a few of them to feed her fish.

All the grandkids loved to be at Grandma's house. Grandpa was there too but it was always Grandma's house. Grandpa worked construction and demolition in Phoenix so he was at work so early that he went to bed in the middle of the afternoon. Okay, that is how it seemed anyway. His contribution to the evening activities was yelling, "Honey!" from the bedroom when he wanted something from Gram. Every New Year's Eve all her grandkids were there while our parents partied. We were convinced that we had WAY more fun than the grown ups.

Grandma always gave you too much chocolate on ice cream, let us do things like climbing water towers that were forbidden, and was always willing to bend the rules if it meant more fun. She taught me a song she learned in parochial school that included every curse word that existed. She was shockingly fun to be with. Often the thought of 'what would our parents think if they only knew' occurred to us.

Grandma would get lost in a book and the house could burn down around her and she wouldn't notice. This was proven in Oak Creek when the lamp set the curtains on fire and thankfully Mom noticed from the other room. I have still never met anyone who had such intense focus.

My Grandma Peabody was one of my favorite people in the universe. My life is still influenced by her and she has been gone for many years. I hope my quirkiness brings a smile to my grandkids lives even after I am gone. Building memories last well beyond a lifetime.

In Him,

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