Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Sister's Enthusiasm

My sister makes me smile with her enthusiastic sharing. Whenever she finds a new gadget or treasure she can't wait for us to all have one. A few years ago she called and insisted I get up and go to the store to get a Swiffer Duster right then. That wasn't enough we had to chat on the phone while I dusted the house and experienced the amazing feats this duster could perform without ever having to move a picture or bobble.

The next time she got revved up was with the Magic Eraser. Of course she was absolutely correct about how awesome these products are in cleaning. I returned the favor for Christmas a couple years ago. I got her and Mom a Swivel Sweeper which is just short of magical in its ease of whipping through the house between vacuums. Teri was appropriately grateful for my find that time.

So I was tickled last weekend when my excited called me up and told me to get my butt to Kohls. She and Mom had just bought matching warm, reversible raincoats that were originally $90. on sale for only $18. The details were shared, pictures were texted and I was on my way to the store. Unfortunately, there was only 1 coat left and it wasn't my size or on sale that cheap. Now there are 3 Kohl's in Albuquerque where I was spending the weekend but I really didn't want to drive 30 miles to go check the other stores. But I did stop in Santa Fe on my way home and found the perfect coat with the $18. price tag.

Ornery me knew how important it was to my sister for the 3 of us to have the matching coats even though we live in different states. So when I called her I told her how excited I was to have found it but that I got it in purple instead of black. Silence! Finally she said softly that she had hoped we would all have the same black jackets with grey fur lining. I felt bad for teasing her and assured her mine was black and although a larger size just the same as hers and Moms. You can't believe how relieved she was.

I know how blessed I am to have my sister and my mom in my life. I thank God for Teri and my Saturday morning coffee chats on the phone each week. That she wants to share and include me in her life is one of my most precious gifts. Wonder what I will be rushing out to the store to pick up next. Whatever it is I am sure it, like my sister, will make my life better. Never do I dust or clean with that eraser without smiling about my sister. I know I will think of her everytime I slip into my new, BLACK coat.

In Him,

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