Sunday, April 15, 2012

Today Was A Good Day

Today our home on the park was filled with our family all chatting at once, pitching in to cook way too much food and taking turns pushing our energetic grandkids on the swings. We had an afternoon of fun in the sun after a morning of worship in God's house. Amazing to be outside in shirtsleeves after it snowing all day yesterday. This time was a blessing as we welcomed Jack, Natalie's new beau, into the mix of Barbers. The guys all helped Ron put the soon to be remodeled '77' motorhome back in the sideyard. It took quite the manpower since it is not really in working order at this time. The kids enjoyed all the new sand toys that we got to keep by the back gate for any and all the assorted park goers to share. Everyone ate the food that our combined efforts prepared and no one went away hungry.

As I took a step back to just observe these people that I adore, I thanked God for all the blessings in my life. He has brought our family through such rough times the last couple years. Losing our Ryan to suicide 2 years ago seems like an eternity and just yesterday all in the same breath. Tears fall when we are all together. Tears for the hole in our family and in our hearts his death has left that is so evident when we are all gathered and he is not here. Tears for the incredible joy the memories of his presence still bring to each of us. Tears of gratitude for the times we can all be together like this just hanging out on the back porch of  Papa's house in the hammock or on the swing, or building sandcastles in Noni's park with the joyful sounds of children and the grown ups who love them.

Life is not easy, it is life but today was a good day. A day of praise and reflection, laughter and conversation, hope and faith, and a day that we will remember like so many others when we all gathered just to be with family. God has us all in His most capable hands so for today and I pray tomorrow, I will rest in that with a smile for all He has blessed me with and ways He will bless me, that I cannot even imagine.

In Him,


  1. Hi, Powerful post; I can't even imagine your pain but know that the Lord has collected your tears. For each of us, we only have today so we always need to be so thankful for the blessings He gives us. You were blessed to have family with you, in the sun and having such a great outdoor time. I've heard the spring storms have started in Colorado and I'm glad to be here, in the islands, enjoying the sun.
    Sending hugs your way.

  2. I can see you all out there playing, cooking and enjoying the day together. What a wonderful life. I thank God everyday.