Friday, May 4, 2012

Give Me Your Praise Report

When we pray for someone we need to say to them, "Get back to me with a praise report." So often we say we will pray for others even stop, take their hands and pray with them right then and there. But it shows that we truly want feel for what they are going through if we ask for a follow up, update. Not just any update but one where we are believing that God is going to make everything right and the update will indeed be a praise report. 

My friend, Donna, had this experience recently where she asked a stranger for prayer and was told just that. Donna says she felt those words powerfully deep in her heart. The assurance that not only should she be hopeful but that the prayer partner believed that her prayers would be answered and a praise report would be inevitable.

In a book I was reading, one character reached out to another passenger on a plane for prayer support. The lady turned out to be a pastor's wife and after they prayed she whipped out a business type card with her email address on it. She asked that the person in need email her with an update on how everything turned out. I love that idea.

To be willing to pray for someone is powerful. To be willing to take the time to stop and pray with someone right when they ask for prayer is moving. To care enough to follow up on God's answer to prayer is connecting. To be bold enough in faith to request a praise report is believing that all things are possible.

In Him,


  1. What a beautiful idea to follow up. It is such a lovely caring gesture. We need to remember that even when we do not get the answer we want from God, He is always working in our lives.

  2. Fantastic, I love this idea of asking the person to get back to me with a praise report! God deserves all the glory, honour and praise!