Saturday, May 12, 2012

Memories of Our Seasons

There are seasons in our lives. It is for us to embrace and create memories with those we love along the way. I thank God for a 1975 yellow, camper van that carted our family all over this country. We traveled from the southwest most point of Key West to the northeast point of the Arctic Circle in our little traveling casita. So many trips my mom accompanied us so we fit 7 of us in the 19 feet that was our home on wheels.

Our kids are grown and the camper van sits mostly unused on our side yard these days. But the memories we created are still as real as the hundreds of collected pins on the dash cover of the van. One hope I have is that my now grown children will have a wanderlust to share with their own kids. Heck, maybe they can even invite Noni and Papa to join them every now and then.

In Him,

Olympic National Park in the Pacific Northwest
Lake Louise, Banff, Canada on our way to Alaska
Noni and Papa's house with our precious grandkids

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  1. Made me smile coz there is nothing like family camping. Oh the sights we have seen!!! Thanks.