Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day Prayer

I am feeling so blessed this Mother's Day weekend. Blessed that I got to be Mom to 4 amazing kids who have grown into loving, Christ Centered adults. Blessed that I still have my Mom and Mom-In-Love in my life and close enough to see them regularly and speak with them by phone almost daily. Blessed to have my husband who loved me enough to not give up on having a family through infertility, adoption and hope.
There are so many who are having a tough weekend. Those who are struggling with fertility, the loss of a child, or the loss of a mother will be tearful this Mother's Day. My prayers are with them as they hope for the future or grieve their loss. Mother's Day I will celebrate my children, grandkids, and Moms but I will be aware of the hole of my son who left us too soon.

                                Lord, thank you for all the mother's and their hearts for their children. Be with those who yearn to be a mom and are hoping that one way or another they will be blessed with a child. Their are mothers who have lost a child too soon that need you to wrap your arms around them and assure them that theirs are safe in your arms even as their hearts ache for their loss. Father, comfort those who have to spend this Mother's Day without their own Moms. A mom is your special gift to each of us and we are grateful for the time your special angel has with us. God, I pray for those who are estranged from their moms or from their kids. I pray for softened hearts so no more time is wasted apart. Those young, single moms who struggle to be all they need to be for their little ones need your guidance, strength and hope. Thank you for my opportunity to be a mom and now a Noni it was my heart's desire and most favorite role in life. You provided just the kids that were meant to be mine and I wouldn't change a moment of it.

In Him,

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  1. Hi Barbara,

    Thank you for your thoughtful post. Mother's Day is certainly a day that has many mixed emotions. Praising God for standing with us, who knows our hearts, through whatever we many be going through.