Saturday, October 27, 2012

Empty Nest, Almost

Productive Saturdays at home feel perfect as the weather is turning cold. I spent the morning cleaning out Tanner's room and am attempting to create a welcoming guest room. It feels like last summer will be the final time he actually lives under our roof. Since he is finishing up schooling and has finally found a job that will pay his bills, there may be no further need of living at home or working at our local Diner. I know it is time but it still makes me sad to wash his left behind clothes and pack them in a box to take to his house.

We are blessed that Natalie is still here but I know she is only here temporarily and soon it will be her turn to get back out on her own. I think it was the perfect plan for her to come home after we lost Ryan. It was just comforting to have the kids around the house for these past couple years. I think I had such fear that I would lose another of my children after we lost Ry. There is a family in our town who lost their 2 sons a little over a year apart. Their kids were friends with our kids so it was all too real that having lost one child didn't guarantee our others were safe from harm.

So as the weather changes this year, I am ready to embrace the next steps in life. Ron and I went out to dinner last night and talked about how rapidly retirement is approaching. It doesn't seem that long ago that I was the young one on my school staff. Now I am the seasoned, experienced white-haired teacher who needs a young one to help me put together my web page. We both agreed that what we will miss the most about working is what I call my work family and Ron calls his work team. Those people we see and interact with each and everyday are also the ones we share our lives with. I know us well enough to know we will be just as busy in retirement as we are working. But it will be different for sure. I guess we don't need to worry for another 3 or 4 years about how to spend our time.

My hope has always been to travel between our kid's families in our RV. Ron studying his petroglyphs and me substituting at the local schools. Chances are our kids will be spread out across the country and the only way to really stay connected with our grandkids and get to be a part of their lives is to spend longer than a week or 2. My grandparents traveled around in their RV to relatives all over the country. They had a few simple rules that make so much sense. , They always slept in their own bed and each day they ate breakfast in their RV just the 2 of them. This gave them time together and the family they were visiting time together. Great Idea!

It feels good to get so much accomplished today. The sheets are clean, the bed is made, heck their is even a bit of style to the room now. Not that Tanner didn't have his own style. (how do you spell the sound of clearing your throat?) So now we need guests for our guest room. Next time you are traveling through or if you want northern New Mexico as a destination come on by. The rent is free and the food is 'hot'. Well it is New Mexico after all. Hope to see you soon.

In Him,

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  1. My dh and I retired recently and enjoy it. Your idea of RVing to visit family sounds good.