Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Freedom to Vote

Thankful for the opportunity to vote and elect representatives to our government.

 Is our electoral process perfect? No.
 Do we all feel exhausted by the barrage of political ads, phone calls, and mailers? Yes
 Is it possible to wade through the negativity and find the platform that corresponds to our beliefs?

People around the world fight and die for the opportunity to have a say in their governments and their lives. We are fortunate to be in a country that allows us to vote and have a say in the way we are governed.

4 years ago I said that my prayer is that Obama was a 2 term president. That is an odd statement for a republican conservative.
But here was my thinking~If he was elected for a second term it would mean our country is doing well. We don't tend to reelect a president when we are living through hard times. My hope is in our country prospering more than it is in who is our president.

Now that we are here at election day, the race is too close to call. Tomorrow we will know what direction we will take to move forward. Both candidates, all candidates want to be successful and lead the US into a thriving future.

My prayers are for all candidates and their families on this election day.

In Him,

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