Thursday, November 8, 2012

Grateful For My Man

Today was a hard day. Ron lost a friend but he also looked straight at his own mortality. Tom was a lot like Ron in that he liked to get out in the wild alone to tromp around with a camera. He died last weekend when he was out doing what he loved. In fact, they found him with his camera and printed the last shots for his service today. The last frame was a petroglyph. Then he fell to his death leaving behind a wife that adored him.

Ron has been talking about increasing his life insurance since he found out that Tom died. He wrapped his arms around me as we stood through the standing room only service. This man who has been the one and only love of my life for 40 years knows I couldn't survive without him. But it is not the financial part that would do me in. Through the hardships of life he is there for me. We are there for each other again. I grieve for Tom's wife and pray I never have to stand in her shoes.

I am grateful for Ron in my life/ today and hopefully for decades to come.

In Him,

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  1. Amen to your words. My husband and I are married for 40 years, and how sad for Tom's wife.