Saturday, November 3, 2012

Young Life Has Added So Much To My Life -Day 3

Involvement in Young Life has added so much to my life  and I am grateful. I became a YL leader to continue reaching out to 2 students I had in 4th, 5th, and 6th grade when they went to middle school. Life is hard for young ones these days and I believe that walking beside them is so crucial. Dr. Brooks said in his book, Raising Resilient Kids, that having an adult who cares is key to making successful choice and weathering the teen years.

We began our Saturday morning breakfasts at my house; dress code jammies, slippers, and bedheads. I love cooking for a herd and my own kids had flown the coop. Having a house full of hungry, chattering girls was heavenly. They are my family and allowed me to be a part of their lives and certainly are an important part of mine. Their thirst for someone to listen and their love of Christ encouraged me. My prayer is that no matter what life brings they will always know they are loved and supported.

What I was blessed with in Young Life was not only the relationships with teenagers. It was the first time I was comfortable praying out loud in my life. At leaders meetings, we would pray for individual kids for hours. My love and concern overruled my fear and I prayed. The freedom to pray boldly and publicly has been life changing.

Besides a new courage, my own walk with Christ grew closer and I found that I was not walking alone through the challenges in my own life.  But leaning into Him for strength and support. For all that Young Life has blessed me with, I am grateful.

In Him,

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