Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Strawberry Milkshake Memory

A quote from our 23 year old daughter
'sitting on the couch listening to my parents love story. I notice the lines on their faces and the grey in their hair, but the tone in their voice's belong to high schoolers'

What fun it was recalling our first moments together in high school. Our recollections were surprisingly similar. We both were so hopeful of where our relationship would take us into the future.
Here we are 40 years and a lifetime later and still in love and learning about each other.

Ron and a group of friends were at my house making posters for my Senior President campaign
 (I lost). When I asked what everyone wanted to drink, Ron said a strawberry milkshake. Not a soda, water, or tea like a normal response. Now he admits he was being a smarty pants. It just happens my mom was on weight watchers and had frozen strawberries and the rest of the fixins. 

I surprised him by getting the stuff to fill his request. After putting rock hard strawberries and skim milk in the blender I remembered I forgot ice. Just as Ron hit the power switch, I took the lid back off. Needless to say, we painted the ceiling with strawberries. 

The magical moment came when Ron looked down at me and said, "We will remember this for a very long time." I truly believe in that moment I knew we would be doing just that. Remembering that moment 40 years later or today.

What we had no way of knowing was all the incredible moments that would shape our lives together. Our children, families, friends, and experiences have been blessings as we walk  together on this path called life.

I am thankful for the first moments together and for the moments yet to come. I am grateful for the wrinkles and grey hair that prove we have made it on this path together. Sitting on the couch holding hands sharing our love and our moments with our girl is yet another gem to put in our hearts.

In Him,

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  1. Love it....who would have guys are such a example. :)B