Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Gift In Silver

I wrecked my car! On May 27th I totaled my car 400 miles from home. Scary! Shaking, I was grateful the other driver was not hurt and that I would be okay. A dislocated elbow and wrist was the worst of it. With 2 days left of school, I worried about getting back to say good-bye to my middle school students. A few details and several x-rays later I was back on the road and made it in time to send my ASD kiddos off.

Then the hard part began. I needed a car. Driving a rental was only a temporary fix. Since Ron and I drive our cars well into the 200,000 range, I didn't have experience finding a car on a deadline. When I got my last car it was the first one since multiple minivans. My only requirement then was no silver.
Then God blessed me with a 9 year old car with only 28,000 miles on it; silver. This time I stated clearly that I wasn't picky about what auto I would drive into the future only that it was NOT going to be silver.

After 2 grinding weeks of searching and driving everything from a 2004 with 100,000 miles and any other car that would get good gas mileage and not kill our backs, my prayers were answered with a silver car. Yesterday, as we drove to Santa Fe to look at yet another car that should be perfect My friend suggested that a car would come to me. That car didn't work out any better than the last 100 or so I had pursued. The sales manager at Beaver Toyota suggested a 2011 Yaris that she just got in. Well, we made a strict, nonnegotiable $10,000 budget so I hadn't looked at Toyotas and certainly nothing that new. It only had 23,000 miles on it so I just knew it would have roll up windows and be a hatchback. Nope, it had all the creature comforts even an mp3 plug and a trunk. It was a blessing, a gift. This was a better car for the money than any I had seen. I had to buy it. Even without getting in touch with Ron I filled out the paperwork contingent on his approval. This perfect car was SILVER!

I didn't want another silver car but after an exhausting search and I came to realize that after white silver was my next choice. Dark cars didn't appeal to me. So my stubbornness against a silver car was just that stubbornness. I am thrilled with my car that looks so similar to my now demolished one but I am okay with that. God gave me a wonderful deal and it was right on budget. With such low mileage I hope to be driving this car for the next decade or so. It will take some getting used to that the speedometer and controls are in the center of the dash instead of in front of the steering wheel. Believe me, I have tried to turn corners sharp enough to have it slide back where it belongs but no luck. I am thankful for my practically new, affordable silver car. It is quite a gift and I don't have to spend one more second looking for a car and talking to car dealers.

Lissy said it best, "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit." I am not throwing a fit. I am driving with joy.

In Him,

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