Sunday, June 30, 2013

All Are Welcome Here

"We want to be a people full of grace
We want to be a shelter where the broken find their place
We want to be a refuge for the weak
We want to be a light for the world to see
We want to be a love that breaks the walls and fills the streets."
Here and Now by Eddie Kirkland

I love this song and the image of church 
where everyone is welcome and can slip in for 
encouragement, comfort and healing.

Too often we feel judged rather than accepted
in this world. It is easy to look around and see 
those who don't fit in and ache with the longing to belong.

JESUS meets us where we are. 
HE doesn't wait for us to prove ourselves
or earn his attention.
HIS Church should be a home that welcomes all.
HIS Christians should be as accepting, loving and kind
as HE is.

I love this song.

Thankful for my son and his precious family
planting a church for all to feel welcome.

Thankful to Young Life for teaching me 
to judge less and love more.

all are welcome here. this song reminded me of and Christ's love that Cam and Brit are bringing to Lakewood in His name.


  1. Encouraging words this Monday A.M. How proud you must be of your son. May you all carry on in His name.

  2. You are a blessing to me and so many others